Hazles Cross Farm Nursery

Species Hellebores

Helleborus croaticus

Very similar to atrorubens, can have more veining than most atrorubens.

A  nice garden plant - hardy.

Helleborus dumetorum

Green flowered with lush foliage a good grower. Hardy

Helleborus foetidus

I’ve no idea why this got its name as I’ve never found a bad smell! Indeed two forms “miss Jekyll scented” and “gold bullion” have a pleasant mahonia like smell in sun. Hardy but short lived - sets seed and very easy, so keep it going from seed. Plant several together for a good foliage effect. There are several different forms and some are very beautiful like Wester flisk, red-silver and golden showers. Great accent plants. Hardy.

Helleborus cyclophyllus

A green/yelllow green flower.

Nice to have in a collection but not a show stopper.


Helleborus hercegovinus

One of my favourites. Green flowers with stunning very fine, heavily divided foliage - the finest forms can almost look like hair. Others can have leaflets a cm or so wide. Summer dormant in very dry weather.


Helleborus istriacus

Similar in appearance to H. Multifidus but less marked with colour. Hardy.