Hazles Cross Farm Nursery

The collection is mainly housed in a large polytunnel grown in large pots. This means that even in inclement weather viewing is pleasant. The plants are on staging so as to make viewing of the flowers easy.

There are posters describing the biology of hellebores, their habitats, geology, climate , forms and distribution.

There are some external beds and more are constantly under construction as the collection grows.


Please wear sensible shoes or wellies it is often wet - thin heels are a problem.

Tea and coffee are available for pre booked groups. -Not this year due to Covid.

There is an entry fee to the collection of £4 which contributes to the running costs of the collection.

*Both species and garden hybrids are available for sale from the nursery.*

The collection comprises all known species with many “forms” of each being on display to show the amazing and beautiful natural variation found in the wild. There is huge variation in flower and foliage which contributes to the natural charm of the genus Helleborus.The collection also contains several putative new species not seen elsewhere. .

The collection has been featured in Staffordshire Life and Derbyshire life magazines.

In addition there are several hundred different garden hybrids bred by Mike Byford on display.

About the National collection

Hazles Cross Farm Nursery holds The National Collection of Helleborus species under the National Plant Collections scheme ® designated by Plant Heritage (formerly N.C.C.P.G.)

Helleborus croaticus

Helleborus x hybridus

Picotee pink double form

Part of the collection  under cover

It is clear that the UK government has given up on corona virus and will not stop aviation and control of spread. As a biologist and someone with a health issue that will result in probable death from COVID19 I have no option but to reduce the risks to my customers, family and myself. I am therefore opening to pre booked appointments only and ALL visitors must wear a properly fitting face mask and observe 3m distancing I hope all customers existing and potential understand my actions and the intention to reduce spread of the disease . Still,I know people who have died directly from Covid in the past month

Open from Feb 25th every day except Thursday and Sunday - by appointment.

Stay safe and look after yourselves .. Best Wishes Mike